Monday, January 2, 2012

Significant Life

      I had no idea I would be back this soon to write about another life event, New Years eve brought that event. My father went to the ER on December 27, 2011 transferred to The Ohio State Medical Center the next day. Saturday morning the doctor came to my sister to tell her that the family needed to decided on an advance life support directive. The fluid in his lungs was caused by a weak heart valve that because of his medical history cannot be surgically repaired there is a slight chance he could qualify for a clinical trial. Without surgery the doctor gives him a one to two month life expectancy too short but he is a fighter and will make the most out of the days God gives him.
      I thought a lot about this during my run this morning, in eighty seven years my dad as touched many lives and made a significant difference in many. I recall stories of while serving in the Army in WWII in a surgical field hospital Dad was called upon to deliver officers wives. He was credited with saving both the mothers and infants life during one particularly difficult delivery. I am sure that family came back from Germany with a lot of gratitude for Dad being there. I continuously get compliments on what a great teacher my Dad was during his years as a teacher. I know those people feel like there lives were shaped by a great man. Many people in my church know the hours of service he put in over the years to help with the upkeep of the grounds and buildings of the church. There are many more stories I am sure of Dad being there to help or doing the extra thing to make someones life better. That is a significant life of a man who raised eight children of his own, farmed and worked full time jobs. The media paints different pictures of what a hero is but here is a hero who has made a difference in many lives.
      I have many people who tell me I inspire them but I owe it all to my Dad for my hard work ethic, selflessness, drive to do my best and faith in God. I have some mighty foot steps to follow and only hope that I can live as significant life as he has.


  1. Your dad has to be tremendously proud of the man that you are, Peter. I've never met your dad, but he's got to be simply amazing to have a son like you. Great tribute, Peter! Praying for your entire family.

  2. What a relief that Grandpa is back home! I'm sure all of our combined love and support for him saw him through the period in the hospital. He inspires me too, and I am so glad we will all have more time with him! Take care of yourself and your beautiful family. :-)