Sunday, September 18, 2011

Keep it in perspective

Congratulations to Dr. MARK CUCUZZELLA winning the 2011 USAF Marathon finishing time 2:38:48.
      This is my race report  for the marathon but reflects some of  the subject of my last blog. First off I will have to say this race will always rank right up on the list of ones to remember. My first elite start with bib number eight standing on the starting line right behind Josh Cox (he ran the 10k). I stepped to the line with a goal of 2:45:55 well hydrated feeling good and a lot of reasons to run a great race.
      The fly over of the B1 bomber definitely got the adrenaline flowing as if I didn't already have enough. The command to runners set and go came and I was out in the lead pack with the safety vehicles in site holding to plan and a 6:30/mile pace, mile 2 = 6:15, mile 3 = 6:44 the 10ker's turned left I was surprised that only three runners went. Marathoners went right through the hydration and first aid station and up the hill pace was feeling very comfortable as I was passing several younger runners that had gone out too fast. The next seven were uneventful other than I lost my Cliff shots fell out of my new shorts so took Gu from the hydration station (yuck - so thick). The long stretch into Fairborn I counted nine runners in between me and the safety vehicle. The crowd in Fairborn is awesome you have the residents as well as the bus family and friends from the base I lost a couple places but was feeling strong enough to finish at the 6:35 pace on my Garmin. High fived the junior high cheerleaders in the downtown turned out to the residential area mile ten came and passed back out of town with some old ladies screaming they loved runners, little chuckle there. Hit the half at 1:25:23 behind goal but still on pace to crush three hours the next couple miles brought some feeling of fatigue with some aches and pains in the legs. The mile 15 hydration station had a super energetic group which lifted the spirits and I set out to cruise until mile 20 then planned to push the finish. Back on the base the next four miles were on the tarmac and access road a hydration station, other runners and EMS bicycles were the only people you saw. Hit mile 20 and I got chicked by the first place female I tried to keep her in my sights but my legs were toasting the ramp back up onto the highway at mile 21 was a ________ but I pushed through and strided out after I think that was my second wind or runners high came off the highway through the aid station to meet up with the half marathoners. Many cheers and words of encouragement from the half runner but  by mile 24 they were crowding over on the side of the marathoners so had to weave through the slower runners. Mile 25 I was done but knew I had to finish fortunately a lot of people along the way cheering. Crossed the finish line with no kick or smile I could have kissed the three star General at the finish line. My legs were hurting, was very disappointed for not breaking three hours but proud of a race well done.
      Looking back I set the bar high on a course that is not easy and finished with a PR everything really went right. I may not have raced the perfect race but you don't know what you can do until you try, I will have other days to run a smart race. I realized that is what I will have to do to take down the 3:00:00 marathon knowing that I have the strength and training base to do it. I have my sights set on being the one standing behind that trophy next year. This year:
Clock Time3:02:08
Chip Time3:02:07
Overall Place34 / 2511
Gender Place33 / 1768
Division Place3 / 233
Age Grade73.3%
13 11:25:23