Thursday, June 30, 2011

How Fast is Fast

      Blazing fast, lightning fast, Usain Bolt fast, Ryan Hall fast or Kara Goucher fast! We all compare ourselves to someone or something. I believe fast is a perception, I am fast in many peoples eyes. My perception is not until I win a major event or age group of a national event is it fair to call me fast. Fast is how life goes by and why we really need to appreciate everyday as a gift. The last six months have made me realize this more than any time in my life.
      I started the year in training for the Boston Marathon logging miles of an elite athlete in Ohio's unpredictable winter weather. Spring arrived and the weather did not improve but I had persevered and was a much stronger runner for it. April arrived along with spring like weather making conditions near perfect for a marathon. Boston set me up for the realization that there are bigger races out there with a finish in the top twenty percent overall and age group. I came back to Ohio a much stronger athlete, mentally and physically to run the Cleveland Marathon and finish top ten in my age group. This race was a success in many ways first that I ran it with a heavy heart over the loss of my sister and her family on Easter Sunday, I qualified for New York Marathon and finished very close to the three hour mark.
      Many talented people have lost their most crucial connection: the connection to where they want to be next. Instead of focusing on their future, they get stuck on where they are now or where they've been. I focus on the dedication to today and my goals for the future. This year has brought many challenges in the first six months but holds much promise for the last half. I look forward to coaching others to realize their potential and finding my own potential to prove to others that it can be done. Leadership is easiest from the front so as fast as I am today my goal is to be faster tomorrow; those that are following will be also.
      Today is a blessing, tomorrow is the future and God is responsible for both.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lifes Hurdles

      Facing the challenges today take me back thirty years to as a high school freshman decided to run the high hurdles. My tall stature and being a distance runner made them seem better suited then the 400m low hurdles. The feeling of being down in the starting blocks and looking down the track the hurdles seem to go on forever as well as being ten feet tall. The reality is there is only ten hurdles and they are only thirty six inches tall. I had run them twenty times during practice and knew that if I hit the hurdle it would fall forward and I go on to the next.
      I sit in the hospital waiting for Debbie to come out of surgery with that same feeling: anxiety, pit in the stomach, excitement, nervousness. The Doctor visits, consults, surgeries and chemotherapy are the hurdles, we have crossed a few already. Some we have cleared easily and some it seems we have caught our trail leg on. The MRI came back clear, the Oncotype assay score came back with a high score, this translate to all the cancer was removed but there is a strong chance that cancer will return. Today's surgery we found the lymph nodes to be normal they removed three to biopsy to confirm there is no more cancer present. The high risk score she will receive chemotherapy, four treatments over three months.
      The race of life is more like a marathon then one hundred meters of hurdles but it has it's challenges. Like any race you need to keep your head up, your eyes and thoughts on the finish line. When you focus on the hurdle or in the marathon the hill you will trip or falter. I live one day at a time, take nothing for granted, tell the ones around me how much I love and appreciate them. My eyes on the finish line of sitting in heaven with all my loved ones knowing that my days on earth counted.