Monday, April 4, 2011

Why I run

       I am sure many people who run are asked many times over (why do you run?) especially when you get to the level of marathons. My simple answer is because I can, but as I did my early morning long run a couple weeks ago I realized it is much more.
       I run because God gave me the gift and I am obligated to share that gift with others. I may inspire someone to run to become healthy, someone to run farther or faster than they believed they could. I have been blessed to be strong and healthy but have been in the position of the support person many times. I believe it comes to my name (Peter the rock) I am not always strong but seem to find the strength when I need it the most. The times that are closest to my heart are directly related to cancer, the first was in 1991 when I was engaged to my wife and my future Mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. I worked very close to their house and working in agriculture had a somewhat flexible schedule. I would stop by to check on her and help with administering her injections and taking her to her treatments. We developed a very strong relationship that has helped my wife and I in our years of marriage ( always good to have your mother-in-law on your side). Cancer reared its ugly head again in 2005 when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time her youngest sister got the news she had pancreatic cancer. This tested my strength and faith as I stood by my wife's side through a mastectomy and radiation treatment to receive the gift of my wife by my side to see our children grow to beautiful people. My sister-in-law fought a courageous battle and touched many lives. I was there to hold her hand as she passed onto be with the Lord and delivered the eulogy to celebrate her life.
       I run because it is my gift, I run marathons because it is a challenge. I strive to be my best because the better I am the bigger stage I will be on and I will touch more lives. I prepare for the Boston marathon as the first step to run the World Marathon Majors. My goals are Boston and New York 2011, London and Chicago 2012 and Berlin 2013. The man who dreams big will accomplish great things!


  1. Amazing story Peter. You have endured a lot. Thanks for all your inspiration through your runs and motivation you give us all on DM. - Pat

  2. Peter, you are a rock...I believe that. God has big things in store for you. And I hope I will always be close by to watch you achieve them.

  3. Thanks for sharing Peter and looking forward to following along on your journey here.